What I Do

So what is it that I do?

Casually speaking, I’m a wordsmith of sorts. Formally, the focus of my position at Boom Island Brewing is on marketing and communication where most of my time is spent either organizing dates and ensuring that I’m keeping to my deadlines, or working on content development. Overall, I’m a writer who gets satisfaction out of communicating ideas, stories and conversing with others.

But I also have a special interest in Minnesota-made craft beer, coffee and food. As a former barista, I’ve had direct experience in learning and understanding the nuances of coffee, which was the catalyst for developing my appreciation for craft beer. It was that foundation which lead me to my current position at Boom Island and has allowed me to begin Marta Drinks MN.

Marta Drinks MN is specifically dedicated to chronicling my experiences enjoying Minnesota fare, whether it’s craft beer, coffee, or craft cocktails. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my encounters, and I hope it’ll inspire you to try something new!