MartaMPLS 2
Photo credit: Heather Hanson Photography LLC


Hey world,

My name is Marta.

I know, the name sounds Scandinavian, doesn’t it? I’m not directly Scandinavian, but I choose to ignore that these days and simply adopt an attitude of admitting that I likely have some Nordic roots buried somewhere. Especially since I live in Minneapolis and I love most everything related to Minnesota.

But in particular, I have a keen interest in Minnesota beer which would probably explain why I work for a Minneapolis brewery. When I’m not keeping up on marketing for Boom Island Brewing Company or meandering through the streets of the metro in search of a good beer, I’m likely pursuing one of the many other activities I enjoy: getting lost in a Sigurd Olson book, working on watercolors, or continuing to advance my knitting skills, all while listening to a lot of podcasts. When time allows, I’m likely to escape to a cabin or a campsite somewhere up north to be among the trees.

Here, however, is for beer. I’d describe myself as an amateur aficionado when it comes to craft beer; I have no formal training, but over time, I’ve developed a palate and a sense of what’s enjoyable  and interesting (for me). I have a few favorite bars that I frequent, so if you happen to catch me out in the real world, be sure to say hello!




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