A Modist Opening

Mod beer

It started out where most of us hear a lot of news – social media. I’d been watching the hype grow on various outlets for some time, and as someone who likes beer, it naturally sparked my interest. It was all about the newest brewery on the block, Modist Brewing. So, a few weekends ago, I ventured over to take in the grand opening of Modist Brewing.

What a treat it was! The beer is delicious, the space is very accommodating, and the location is ideal. The taproom was naturally busy on the first Friday of being open, but the flow of people allowed patrons the opportunity to wander through the space to either take in the sights of the production area or enjoy the cityscape on the outdoor patio.

The beer that I grabbed for myself before I attempted to find my friends in the crowd was the pHresh. I was in the mood for something a bit lighter, and at 4.8% ABV with a tantalizing flavor description, my choice was easy. The beer was perfectly refreshing after my bike ride over to the brewery. With an incredibly clean texture and crisp flavor, I would’ve biked away dragging a keg of it behind me if I could.

So it’s no surprise that over the course of 3 days, Minneapolis apparently drank them out of beer as evident from this tweet from Modist the Monday following their open…


Had I not joined up with my friends later than I intended, right as they were about to disband, I would’ve easily had another 2 pHresh beers. It’s one I that want to have in stock on a constant basis in my fridge, or in my car for any camping/cabin trips.

Keep brewing friends, because not only do I want to enjoy some more beers of yours soon, but so does the entire city! Congrats on your open and I will be back to see you very soon!


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