About a Stout


This is a beer alert blog post: the Goose is loose.

While out on a ride-along day with one of the Clear River reps in south Minneapolis on Monday, we planned to end our day at my habitual favorite spot, The Pig & Fiddle. Having already arranged to meet one of the staff members that afternoon, I went in knowing I’d have a beer and a good time chatting with my friends.

But I didn’t just have any beer. As I sat down, I was promptly told that the Goose Island Bourbon County Stout had just been tapped. And when you hear that, you don’t say “no”. I immediately ordered one. A winter beer making a sneaky springtime appearance? Well played Fiddle, and I’m all for it, especially since I have taste for dark, strong beers. The Goose Bourbon County Stout doesn’t disappoint. It clocks in at 14% ABV. BeerAdvocate rates it as a 100, which is no surprise. I sipped it over almost 2 hours and got more animated as the time passed, likely to the amusement of my drinking companions. This beer will get to you… 

And because I was among friends, the infamous beer shots were frequent. After downing a shot of our 8.5% Hoodoo dubbel, conversation turned to the fact that I own a chainsaw and currently have it in the trunk of my car.

“Who just drops the fact that they have a chainsaw in their trunk?!” my Clear River rep exclaimed. The beer buyer for Pig & Fiddle gave him a deadpan look back and replied “…why do you think we have Boom Island on tap?” Perhaps I should use my chainsaw as a selling point more often…

If you want to get an amazing beer on tap that you are not likely to find anywhere else, get down to Pig & Fiddle ASAP and order yourself a pour of the Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. You will not be disappointed.

So don’t meander, get that gander.


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